Wireless vs Fiber Bait and Switch

The Legal & Regulatory Violations & Egregious Acts of the State Telecommunications Utilities: The FWA Fixed Wireless-5G Cell Site Bait-and-Switch and Fiber Optic Broken Promises.


SUMMARY: Wireless is not a replacement of fiber optic networks to the home, and in every state, laws were changed over the last 3 decades to build-upgrade the existing copper wires with fiber; customers were charged for these upgrades, and the money was instead diverted to wireless. Moreover, the companies were able to manipulate the accounting to divert the construction budgets to wireless, and used the state utilities as cash machines to fund their other lines of business.

AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink (Lumen) created the Digital Divide by this failure to upgtade America and then pull a wireless bait-and-switch.

Besides the publication of our new books that details these collection of egregious acts, the IRREGULATORS have been involved in a number of proceedings in California and New York and we outlined that the wireless plans in both areas were flawed, that wireless is not a solution to wireline and the AT&T in California (and LA County) and Verizon in New York (and New York City) had obligations to do fiber optic upgrades and had changed laws over the last 2 decades and manipulated the accounting that harmed these areas and the public interest.

With HR3557 and the related proposed legislation, we note that these are a put on job by Big Telecom and there are direct and indirect ties to a group called the American Legislative Exchange Council, and other members of this ‘family’ that are out to remove all regulations and obligations on the wireless companies– including where they put cell sites or removal of any health and environmental studies.

We also wrote about how Verizon is currently attempting to slip Fixed Wireless as a ‘fiber’, broadband service using the name FiOS- which we believe is deceptive advertising, and even the pricing in the advertisements is deceptive.


  • UPCOMING: FWA Truth in Advertising, Truth in Billing complaint. Verizon is attempting to claim that the FWA is actually a FiOS branded, wired home broadband internet service, and that it starts at $25, that is it uses 100% fiber optic networks and that there are no hidden fees. What we can prove is that wireless is not a fiber optic service equivalent substitute, as there is a gap from the home wireless antenna to the cell site, 500-2000 feet away. Additionally, no one can get the advertised $25 fee as it requires a second hidden 5G phone service for $70-$90 a month, which is not mentioned in the advertisement and that if the customer doesn’t have that service, they must pay at least $50.00 for the FWA service. Moreover, the FiOS brand has always been a wired ‘Fiber-Optic service, not wireless and it is part of the bundle of a franchised service for a wireline service with specific quality of service requirements, which wireless does not have.
  • The Wireless FiOS Home Internet Bait and Switch — Deceptive Advertised Speeds & Wireless Unreliability.
  • Verizon’s FiOS Home Internet Is Now a Deceptive Fixed Wireless Bait and Switch.
  • Ongoing Articles and Next Steps: Kill the FWA HR3557 Legislation That Is An ALEC Wireless Con: The House Commerce Committee has started a process to consolidate the preemption of municipal authority for wireless equipment siting that are currently state-based bills into a federal bill that was written by AT&T et. al. and the other wireless industry providers at the American Legislative Exchange Council conferences, where they create model legislation that they give to ALEC member politicians who are also usually funded by AT&T et al and groomed for free-market politicians to help the companies that support their election campaigns and PACs.
  • ALEC Inspired Bill HR3557 is a Wireless Bait and Switch that will Kill Fiber Wireline Deployment.
  • ONGOING; Regulatory Agency Capture — The FCC’s advisory committees have always been a corporate cesspool since they are packed with representatives of the corporations that are supposed to be regulated and consumer and civil rights organizations that receive corporate grants. Just one example of regulatory capture is our experience on the Consumer Advisory Committee, which revealed that even the non-profits on the committees were funded directly and indirectly by AT&T et al.
  • The current FCC Diversity Committee has been hijacked by the industry. In order to insure that the newfound cash from government subsidies from the ACP program is permanently funded the Telcos’ stuffed the committee with a non-profit payola scheme that has a large number of committee members being black, Hispanic, seniors, LGBT, etc nonprofits and the companies themselves controlling the agenda and it fails to produce or examine any divergent views from providing more government subsidies to the companies for a wireless future.

The Attacks on the Proposed FCC Commissioner, Gigi Sohn, Are Also Attacks on Our Democracy.