The Unauthorized Bio of the Baby Bells & Info-Scandal

Originally published as a paperback in 1998, (and available on Amazon) this was the first in a trilogy “The Book of Broken Promises”,

“Bruce Kushnick’s new book exposes how the Baby Bells have been ripping us off since they were born out of AT&T since 1984.” (From the Foreword by Dr. Bob Metcalfe (the inventor of Ethernet (computer networks) and Metcalfe’s law.)

The Unauthorized Biography of the Baby Bells & Info-Scandal, published in 1998, is an exposé that gives an insider’s view into the injustice of the Bells’ monopoly power in the mega-billion dollar telecommunications industry. (NOTE: The original “Baby” Bells were: Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, BellSouth, NYNEX, Pacific Telesis, Southwestern Bell, and US West.)

Unprecedented in its scope of analysis and meticulous in his documentation of the impacts of the telecom monopolies, Kushnick tightly weaves together the threads of power, money and abuse into a unified field theory.

This massive, totally independent undertaking covers the entire telecom tapestry from the history of the Break up of the original company called “AT&T”, in 1984 and the creation of the Baby Bells, their dubious business practices, their revenues and profits, the role of the FCC, Congress and state utility regulators, and why many of the laws, including the Telecom Act, are seriously flawed.

The foundation of this book is a seven-year research project and its reports have been published by Probe Research and Phillips Business Information. This research has been highlighted in numerous media, including The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and CNN among other news outlets.

From the most naive telephone customers to the most astute telecom junkies, this book is sure to inform and infuriate everyone.