NY City & State Complaints, Filings, Testimony

New Networks Institute, Teletruth and the IRREGULATORS, 1999-2022

Reports, Complaints, Proposals, Filings and Testimony in NYC and NY State.


The NY City Council had a hearing on the LinkNYC Kiosks and the addition of 5G “cantennas” held on June 7th, 2023.

We submitted Testimony (written)

The IRREGULATORS summary of our NY City Council filing:

The Verizon Fiber Optic History of New York State and NYC.

What happens when you cross-reference the City’s actions with this Verizon NY financial information? At the core:

The IRREGULATORS demand an immediate investigation of Verizon’s participation in one of the largest accounting scandals in American history.

The LinkNYC Wireless plan is another wireless bait and switch.

CURRENT: On March 18th, 2022, the IRREGULATORS filed 2 Comments with the NY Public Service Commission pertaining to broadband in the state and the Digital Divide .

TO: STATE OF NY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE RE: MATTER NO. 21-02182 – In the Matter of the Commission’s Broadband Study and Mapping Pursuant to the Broadband Connectivity Act.


Decade of Examination: Verizon NY Reports & Filings, 2010-

New York is the only state that requires a full financial annual report. Starting in 2010, NNI’s team started to find some unsettling financial transactions and business practices, which we later uncovered was happening in every state.

  • Verizon’s State-Based Financial Issues & Tax Losses: The Destruction of America’s Telecommunications Utilities
  • In 2010, NNI started an investigation of the financial books of five Verizon’s state-based utility phone companies, including Verizon New York and Verizon New Jersey and the ties to Verizon Communications affiliate companies, (subsidiaries) including Verizon Wireless, Verizon Online, Verizon Services, among others. Published in 2012
  • Verizon Wireless and the Other Verizon Affiliate Companies Are Harming Verizon New York’s (The State-based Utility) Customers & the State.
  • In September 2013, our next report focused on Verizon New York and was the centerpiece of a filing by Common Cause, Consumer Union, CWA, and the Fire Island Association, which called for an investigation of Verizon’s financials and business practices, Alexander Goldman, Esq. co-authored the report.
  • It’s All Interconnected”,
  • In May 2014, Public Utility Law Project, (PULP) published “It’s all Interconnected”, written by New Networks (with assistance by David Bergmann, Esq.) and it relied on unexamined data from Verizon New York using different Verizon supplied financials books.
  • The Verge: Game of Phones: How Verizon is playing the FCC and its customers, May 2014
  • The Connect New York Coalition, filed a Petition with the NY State Public Service Commission to do a formal investigation of Verizon New York. July 1, 2014. The Petition is based, in part, on NNI’s continuing research.
  • Coalition members include AARP, Consumer Union, Common Cause, CWA, and NY state politicians.
  • NNI & IRREGULATOR FILINGS, NYPSC: August 8th, 2017, we submitted 3 documents: Comment 1 has a short overview as well as a bibliography of our research, which is directly tied to this proceeding. It also gives a brief discussion of issues that have been overlooked or are missing and need to be part of the next steps the State should be implementing. Comment 2 is a more detailed view (that has been published in Huffington Post) of the current proceeding and a Verizon settlement. Comment 3 is a full report based on our analysis of the Verizon NY’s 2016 Annual Report.
  • COMMENT 1: Overview and bibliography
  • COMMENT 2: Huffington Post: Verizon NY in Multi-Billion Dollar Settlement Tangle, Underway in NY State, August 4th 2017
  • COMMENT 3Full Report: Verizon NY 2016 Annual Report: Follow the Money: Financial Analysis and Implications.
  • Verizon New York 2017 Annual Report: An Analysis of Cross-Subsidies and Customer Overcharging
  • DESCRIPTION: This report, based on the Annual Report, shows that there is a utility and that it is hemorrhaging money because of the FCC.
  • Verizon NY Settlement Story, July 2018. The investigation concluded and Verizon NY settled the case. Estimated at $300-500 million dollars, the settlement called for an estimated 30,000 lines of fiber optics to be installed and the existing copper networks maintained.

Other New York Articles and Filings


How the FCC Accounting Formulas Overcharge America

  • Report 1: Executive Summary: Verizon’s Manipulated Financial Accounting & the FCC’s Big “Freeze”
  • Report 2: Full Data Report