Halt NYC Council LinkNYC 5G; Investigate Verizon NY 2022 Annual Report

On June 7th, 2023, the NY City Council held a hearing on the LinkNYC Kiosks and the addition of 5G “cantenna”, throughout the city, proclaiming that these would ‘solve the Digital Divide and give free Wifi to underserved areas in New York City.  What we have here is a major wireless bait-and-switch, where the City, over and over, made claims that giving free wifi to low income areas would be the best solution —  

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In New York City, Verizon has commitments to upgrade 100% of the city’s residential locations, and this was never completed. Moreover, the City never examined how the Verizon local service and wired customers were charged billions since 2005, as part of the state plans to bring FiOS to the state.