Let’s Rattle the Cage-Together.

Let’s Rattle the Cage-Together.


It is time for investigations to halt the cross-subsidies and use the funds to fix the mess called the Digital Divide.

FIND YOUR STATE– We did Most of the States.


Forward the full article and links

  1. Take the Verizon New York 2019 Annual Report, (or this link) which is an official Verizon financial report, published June 8th, 2020.
  2. Take the IRREGULATORS analysis (or this link) NEW REPORT Solve the Digital Divide: Halt the Cross-Subsidies in the Verizon NY 2019 Annual Report, August 24, 2020
  3. Find the estimated amount of overcharging in YOUR STATE: (caused by excessive cross-subsidies of 3 expense areas; Corporate Operations expense, construction and Maintenance and Marketing). (Sorry we couldn’t do ALL states.)


  • AT&T California should be investigated for the $1.7–$2.4 billion dollars overcharged in 2019; and the $10.3 billion over the last 5 years.
  • Verizon Massachusetts should be investigated for the $446 million to $649 million, and the $2.7 billion over the last 5 years.
  • CenturyLink Washington, should be investigated for the $326 to $479 million or the $2 billion over the last 5 years.

4. Send them the next 2 links as well that detail how America’s communications prices for broadband to wireless are 3–14 times more expensive than other countries, world wide.

  • FACT SHEET 1: Triple Play for $45; Deals for Only $15 a Month? Why is America Paying 2–5 Times More for Our Broadband, Internet, and Cable Services?
  • FACT SHEET 2: Wireless Overcharging: Why is America’s Wireless Prices 6–10 Times More than Other Countries?

Send these links (or reports or just send this post) to the media and ask them to investigate. Tell your local government, state commission, all politicians:

Here’s how much the IRREGULATORS estimate is overcharged in our state. We want the overcharging to stop. We want the money back and we want the funds directed back to where they belong— to close up the Digital Divide and lower rates.

When they say: But the companies are not utilities and are under ‘deregulation’, price caps, blah, blah, blah —

Answer it with:

“This ‘deregulation’ was granted based on the manipulation of the financial books, or the promise of delivering fiber optic services to the state — which never showed up. And, the last data from the FCC shows that Our State used the same corrupted FCC accounting as New York — because the rules are federal.”


“And, of course, you examined the Verizon New York 2019 Annual Report and saw for yourself the billions in cross-subsidies — on page 25?”

And Ask:

“Why are America’s broadband and wireless prices 3–14 times more than other countries worldwide?”

“Is this why we can’t afford high-speed broadband? Is this why there is no serious competition? Is this why they are pushing crap wireless instead of a fiber optic line to my home?

Don’t Let them Lie to You: No state we know of stopped using these FCC deformed rules or ever audited the books.


It is time for investigations.