Letter 2: Mayor De Blasio: NYC Must Call for a Halt to the Billion+ in Overcharging by Verizon NY

This second letter requests:

New York City Must Call for a Halt to the Billion + Dollars of Cross-Subsidies and Overcharging of Verizon NY, the State Public Utility. 

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LETTER 1, We requested the following of the City of New York:

  • Do not renew the Verizon FiOS cable franchise, which expired in July 2020, until Verizon provides access to FTTP, Fiber to the Premises, to 100% of NYC residences, as required by the expired franchise agreement..
  • Apply maximum penalties and fines against Verizon, as specified in the agreement, for its failure to offer FTTP broadband to all households in the City.
  • Hold Verizon accountable for not balancing its FTTP deployments as required, depriving low-income areas of parity with other parts of the City—a social injustice.
  • Discontinue any renewal and dispute settlement negotiations with Verizon and establish a transparent process that invites public participation.
  • Embrace the principle that wireless is not a suitable substitute for FTTP. No bait-and-switch may be allowed, as is Verizon’s proffered alternative in NY and other jurisdictions. (Phentermine)