The Conclusion: The Free French telecom fiber optic triple play has “no gimmicks” vs America getting screwed.

To round out the last story we wrote about the pricing overseas, and specifically based on communications bills we received from a senior American couple living in France. –They are paying 29.99 Euros for a triple play (cable TV, phone, and Broadband Internet) at a speed of 5GPBS over a fiber optic to the home connection. After a year it goes to 39.99 Euros… about $44 dollars. And we compared that bill to a .the current Spectrum-Charter New York City. — and the current December 2023 bill is for $225 with no frills, movies; just basic service.

The difference is $181 extra a month– and this chart, which we’ll go into detail next year, is based on a second letter which confirmed that ‘there are “no gimmicks” overseas — the advertised price is all inclusive and even includes the VAT tax — No equipment fees, no made up and ridiculous additions, and there is no way anyone can figure out how the taxes are applied.

The Telco and cable apologists who don’t want rate regulation, or complain about the ACP Low income subsidy should be required to explain what they are going to do to get these crap charges off the bill, and start auditing the financials for all of the cross-subsidies, made up fees, but st the core — Why are our basic bills 5-10 times more than overseas?

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