Whamming & Privacy

We believe that this video shows there is no privacy in America and that these overages need to be investigated immediately

When a person goes to a web site, there is a lot of activity assembling the page that the person will see. Hidden from view, the user is immediately swarmed by hundreds of companies and services, most are designed to optimize the revenue from the advertising, or track someone to
determine their buying patterns, web sites they go to, but even identifying their friends, family and a host of other intrusive activities.

This video shows that a visit to a Yahoo home page for 1.3 minutes racked up 33MB of usage, and there was 1141 different companies and service ‘requests’—everything from putting an add on the web page to tracking you visit to the site.

At the same time, all of these activities all use up a person’s data plan. In fact, 50-80% of all web sites are now just software (java scripts), and other pieces of code that ad an additional 40% to the customer’s monthly data usage.

A typical ‘account’ (2.8 wireless users) pays and extra $60.00 a month — which equates to America is being overcharged almost $8 billion a month– i.e.; customers are paying extra to be spied on.