47 CFR § 32.6611 – Product management and sales.

§ 32.6611 Product management and sales.

This account shall include:

(a) Costs incurred in performing administrative activities related to marketing products and services. This includes competitive analysis, product and service identification and specification, test market planning, demand forecasting, product life cycle analysis, pricing analysis, and identification and establishment of distribution channels.

(b) Costs incurred in selling products and services. This includes determination of individual customer needs, development and presentation of customer proposals, sales order preparation and handling, and preparation of sales records.

[67 FR 5696, Feb. 6, 2002]

47 CFR § 32.6613 – Product advertising.

§ 32.6613 Product advertising.

This account shall include costs incurred in developing and implementing promotional strategies to stimulate the purchase of products and services. This excludes nonproduct-related advertising, such as corporate image, stock and bond issue and employment advertisements, which shall be included in the appropriate functional accounts.

47 CFR § 32.6623 – Customer services.

§ 32.6623 Customer services.

(a) This account shall include costs incurred in establishing and servicing customer accounts. This includes:

(1) Initiating customer service orders and records;

(2) Maintaining and billing customer accounts;

(3) Collecting and investigating customer accounts, including collecting revenues, reporting receipts, administering collection treatment, and handling contacts with customers regarding adjustments of bills;

(4) Collecting and reporting pay station receipts; and

(5) Instructing customers in the use of products and services.

(b) This account shall also include amounts paid by interexchange carriers or other exchange carriers to another exchange carrier for billing and collection services. Subsidiary record categories shall be maintained in order that the entity may separately report interstate and intrastate amounts. Such subsidiary record categories shall be reported as required by part 43 of this Commission’s rules and regulations.

[69 FR 44608, July 27, 2004]