Fixing Telecom

The Fix: Break Up Verizon and AT&T — Separate the Title-II regulated Wireline business
from the unregulated Wireless and Content Delivery businesses

Burce Kushnick’s 2015 book, The Book Of Broken Promises: $400 Billion Broadband Scandal & Free The Net has been placed in the FCC’s public record and can be downloaded for free here. Bruce Kushnick introduced this book in the video, embedded below: Bruce Kushnick – The Book of Broken Promises at Civic Hall Book Day — Apr 28 2015:

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Bruce Kushnick, the Irregulators:

We want the wire itself to be regulated, which means that the price to use the wire is fixed and offered to all; the Telecom companies cannot charge whatever they want and discriminate. We want all of the assets that were built with customers’ money returned . . . We need more verifiable data from the Telecom Companies because the FCC and many State Utility Commissions stopped collecting data about Telecom Companies’ operations and performance and are erasing the accounting rules.

Mark Cooper, Consumer Federation of America:

I firmly believe that the principle of non-discriminatory access to communications, open communications network is vital to our economy and our democracy. If you look back over the history of capitalism, the principle of non-discrimination, sometimes called common carriage has been with us from the beginning. I like to say it’s part of the DNA of capitalism because in the capitalist system, the movement of goods and services is vital to economic activity. And the movement of ideas is vital to democracy and those two go hand in hand.

Reports & Documentation Focused on Verizon NY

 Follow the Money: Verizon New York 2016 Annual Report: Financial Analysis & Implications

Note: Current Investigation of Verizon New York’s business practices.

Fixing Telecom Series

December, 2015, we released the first two reports in a new series, “Fixing Telecom” a project that started 7 years ago. They  are based on mostly public, but un-examined information, the findings impacts all wireline and wireless phone, broadband, Internet and even cable TV/video services in America.



On December 16th, 2015, we filed the first  reports in 31 separate FCC proceedings.

Joint Filings with Consumer Federation of America

Filings New York PSC

  • Case 13-C-0197 Request To Investigate Claims That Verizon’s Wireless  Product, Voice Link,Was Not Created For Replacing Damaged  Lines But As “Home Phone Connect” to Replace Copper Lines  Since 2010, with Alexander Goldman, November 18th, 2013
  • Case 14-M-0183 – Comcast /Time Warner Cable Merger,  NNI testimony, June 19, 2014,
  • Case 14-C-0370
    • In the Matter of a Study on the State of Telecom in NY State.
    • Connect New York Coalition Petition
  • Reports Expose Verizon NY’s Financial Shell Game and the NYPSC’s Role. February 22, 2016
  • CASE 14-C-0370 TELECOM STUDY TECHNICAL CONFERENCE  PANEL 2 – The Status and Adequacy of Advanced Broadband System. February 24, 2016
  • Case 14-C-0370 Comments Related to the NY Public Service Commission’s Report “Staff Assessment of Telecommunications Services”. October 21, 2015
  • Case 14-C-0370 Comments by Public Utility Law Project, PULP: “It’s All Interconnected” report by NNI attached.