It has been dubbed “Fibergate”.

We won Round One. Can you help us win Round Two?

IRREGULATORS v FCC: A year ago, we filed a lawsuit against the FCC based on a decade of work we’ve done documenting the billions of dollars that has been diverted by the telecoms to build out wireless infrastructure instead of replacing the aging copper lines of the state public utility networks with fiber-optic lines, as they had promised.

We Got the Decision We Wanted!  The court ruled that the old FCC accounting rules that governed how states interacted with telecoms no longer applied, and the states were free to pursue legal channels to recover billions of dollars and stop the build-out of 5G.

The Pandemic Exposed the “Digital Divide”: While the FCC makes plans to give billions to the telecoms for wireless, Americans are realizing that millions can’t educate their children or even work at home because our networks were never upgraded to fiber optics– even though we paid for it multiple times.

5G is Not Profitable Once We Stop the Subsidies: 5G requires a fiber optic wire and halting the subsidies willCut 5G Off at the Knees.

BUT NOW THE CITIES & STATES NEED EXPERT HELP, and with your financial assistance, we can give it to them!

We are professionals. We know the telecom industry inside and out. We know the law, we know the industry’s tricks, and we understand the complex and arcane accounting rules that the telecoms have used to cheat the American public out of a national fiber-optic network.

Our GOAL: Raise $75,000 to develop & implement a “Municipal & State Recovery Strategy Package” to help cities and states understand their rights, take legal action against the telecoms to recover billions for consumers and force the telecoms to finish, nationwide, the fiber-optic boadband-internet public utility networks they promised and we paid for.

Can you help with a donation today?

America deserves fiber-optic connectivity everywhere,for everyone, at reasonable rates, all the time.



Who we are: We’re a small team of industry experts calling ourselves the IRREGULATORS. Learn more about us on our website.

Managing Director: Bruce Kushnick,  

Listen to the Podcast: Fibergate: The Big Telecom Swindle,

Video Interview with Take Back Your Power, Josh Del Sol  IRREGULATORS vs. FCC: Exposing the Financial Scandal Behind 5G, with Bruce Kushnick and counsel, Scott McCollough, Esq.

NOTE: IRREGULATOR Counsel Scott McCollough is now part of the CHD legal team with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dafna Tachover and has taken important legal challenges against the FCC over wireless issues.