FCC Gang of Three

Summary of the FCC Gang of Three & Their Helpers


Chairman Ajit Pai Former Verizon Attorney, Close Ties to ALEC. Rewrote the history of broadband and never mentioned that AT&T never delivered the fiber optic services in his home state—Kansas—but had state laws changed to charge phone customers for the ‘transition’.
Brendan Carr Worked at Wiley Rein as a lawyer for Verizon, AT&T, Centurylink, as well as the CTIA, the wireless association and USTA, the phone company association. Failed to disclose work done for these companies in congressional testimony.
Michael O’Rielly Close ties to ALEC and other ‘telco funded groups’. Pro 5G but never discusses it requires a fiber optic wire every few blocks.
Advisory Comm.  FCC Advisory Committees have always been stacked with telcos and paid ‘friends’.
Jeffrey Eisenach “Empty the Swamp” really meant create new toxic dumps. Led the transition team: Consultant to Verizon for two decades in different capacities.
ALEC et al. AT&T, Verizon control through ALEC and funding politicians. Model legislation is created that mimics the FCC’s plans, and then it goes to state-based politicians, funded by the companies, to pass the bills.