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Teletruth’s Progress Report, 1992-2012

From FCC, IRS, SEC Complaints, State Filings, Proposed Legislation, to Phone Bill Audits and Refunds, or Helping to Initiate Class Action Suits.

§       Teletruth and NNI Proposes Truth-in-Billing Act of 2005 
  • Truth-In-Billing Petition Against the “FCC Subscriber Line Charge”. Teletruth Requests an Immediate Investigation into Various Truth-in-Billing Violations of the Term and Line-Item Charge “FCC Line Charge” as Well as the Creation of a New Proposed Rulemaking to Fix the FCC’s Truth-in-Billing Guidelines.
  • “Over the last decade, the FCC has repeatedly brought up the issue that phone bills are unreadable and that something should be done about it. In March of 2000, the FCC set up new guidelines and rules about the country’s phone bills known as “Truth-In-Billing”. The guidelines include basic principles about the information to be supplied to customers.And yet, phone bill information, as well as all accompanying information has major errors or omissions.
  • “The FCC Line Charge is mislabeled and deceptive. The common belief is that it funds the FCC, which is wrong.
  • FCC RULE:” …accompanied by a brief, clear, non-misleading, plain language description of the service or services rendered;”
  • Full Complaint:Teletruth today filed a formal “Data Quality Act” challenge against the FCC’s data on phone rates, statistics and other related data, claiming that the information products are seriously flawed and in need of immediate revision. Teletruth claims that the data fails in being objective, lacks quality and is not reliable, lacks utility, and is not reproducible, thus in violation of the Act.
  • Report “AT&T and MCI (Verizon) Are Harvesting Customers”

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