Verizon Pennsylvania Fiber Optic Failure Resources

Verizon Pennsylvania’s Failure to Upgrade PA with Fiber optic Services; the Bait-and-Switch Resources. Huffington Post: Summary Verizon Pennsylvania’s Commitment to Have 100 Percent Coverage of High-Speed Broadband by 2015? — A Quadruple Bait-and-Switch. FACT SHEET 1: The History of Fiber Optic Broadband in Pennsylvania Verizon PA overcharged customers about $18 billion for a fiber opticRead more ->

Understanding the Excerpts and the Audits

7/16/03 Have you overpaid the local phone company by $600 per line? The materials we present are the accounting inventory records of network equipment that is supposed to be in use in the Verizon New York and New England (then NYNEX) territories. Commonly known as “Continuing Property Records”, CPR, these records have over 1 millionRead more ->


  AT&T, Verizon & CenturyLink State-By-State Fiber Optic  Broadband and Accounting States Covered The following is a collection of states where we a) Did research for a project b) it was part of a filing,  c)  tied to an action in a state, or d) we did research for an article or the books. ThisRead more ->

$200 & $300 Billion Broadband Scandal

This book documents the largest fraud case in American history, published, 2005, it was featured on Bill Moyer’s Emmy nominated “The Net at Risk”, the first national broadcast program on Net Neutrality, in 2006. Author Bruce Kushnick was featured in a segment c called “The New Digital Divide” in 2011, an updated edition was publishedRead more ->

IRREGULATORS & NNI Reading Library

READING LIBRARY Full Bibliography, 1985-2021 Medium: IRREGULATORS Latest The Case to Break up Big Telecom & Cable, April 2021 Report 1: The Case to Break Up Big Telecom (& Big Cable) Article: The Case to Break Up Big Telecom (& Big Cable) Let’s just call it Break Up AT&T et al…. Again Report 2: Harvesting and Monopoly Stranded & Harvested &Read more ->

Overcharged America

DONATE TO HELP US CONTINUE  Read the Story Rattle the Cage $20 billion annually to fix the Digital Divide Estimated Partial Annual Overcharging of AT&T, Verizon & CenturyLink Local Service Utilities, by State,  2019, and 5-Year, 2015-2019 We have created a series of reports and summary articles to supply documentation pertaining to the Verizon NY financials.Read more ->

Verizon PA Complaint 2004

For Immediate Release: February 2nd, 2004 Bruce Kushnick, To read the Complaint and other materials Broadband Fraud in PA? Are Customers Owed $1,135.00 for a Fiber Optic Network They Never Received?Teletruth Files New Complaint with the Penn. PUC to Investigate $3.9 Billion in Missing Fiber-Optic Networks. New York — Teletruth today filed an updated ComplaintRead more ->