15 Quotes: The Wireline-Wireless Bait-&-Switch Overcharged America and Caused the Digital Divide.

  • Verizon decided to go ALL wireless and “Cut off the Copper”, in rural areas, 2012.
  • Moving Customers to wireless makes the company more profits
  • Verizon’s wireless networks have historically been built out of the Wireline, state utility budgets.
  • The NY Attorney General confirmed that Wireless and FIOS were funded via the state utility construction budgets.
  • Verizon NY received rate increase after rate increase on basic service, starting in 2006 for “massive deployment of fiber optics” and “losses”.
  • The Fiber to the Home (Fiber to the Premises, “FTTP”) is a “Title II”, common carrier service and part of the state utility. Title II allowed Verizon to add the fiber to the home as Local Service costs, which, in turn, were charged to local phone customers.
  • Did Verizon Commit Perjury? Verizon claims the fiber is “Title II” to the State, but “Title I”, to the FCC, public and investors.
  • Wireless, using the fiber optic wires for FiOS, helps to eliminate staff, cuts expenses to do fiber to the home installs, and has the state wireline utility fund it.
  • 5G nationwide deployment construction expenditures will remain being paid by the wireline networks.
  1. “One Fiber” plan is now a euphemism to put expenses into the wireline budgets.
  1.  Opportunity NJ was to replace the existing copper wire access lines with fiber optic access lines, to cover 100% by 2010. By 1997, the Advocate office found the plan would create the Digital Divide.
  • Verizon NJ’s plan was to upgrade the existing copper networks with fiber optics for a ‘public’ network used for voice, to a public network for video and broadband services.
  • One Public Network, upgraded to voice and broadband, was the plan in NJ- and it was paid for by customers.
  • Verizon NJ pulled off the wireline wireless bait-and-switch at the speed of DSL.
  • Wireless carriers, funded by the FCC’s Mobility Fund in rural areas, can’t be relied on to deliver only 5 Mbps.